You’ve spent the better part of half a decade scrupulously working on your book.  It’s your baby and you’ve seen it grown and blossom into something you’re proud of. It’s time now to set it free into the world but it’s missing that finishing touch. Fear not for Andrew can put together a unique cover for you that fits the ethos of the book and brings your vision to life. Check out the most recent examples here.

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Drowning slowly

This is my story and I could be anyone. I could be you. What I’m saying is I’m just a person. But that wasn’t always the case. I used to be an automaton, surviving on a set of compulsive behaviours and the obsession for a girl who didn’t know I existed. Just the whisper of her perfume got me through the worst times at work and the unbearable times at home. Back then I didn’t know about my mum’s previous life. I was the missing companion who helped her through the lonely evenings, and I was my father’s punch-bag when the bitterness overcame him. Sarah was the impossibility that kept me alive. Until she betrayed me. Then everything changed.

By a former writer of ‘Not the 9 O’Clock News’, Drowning Slowly is a psychological tale that bristles with bile and wit about an obsessive young man’s struggle to escape his malignant family life and find love and acceptance.


Accidentally killing someone can be awkward at the best of times, but Leo Brigham manages to do it in mid-coitus with a seductive stranger he meets in a nightclub thus leaving him with an appalling dilemma. Does he go to the police, risk prison and losing his estranged seven-year-old son or does he get rid of the body? With a little persuasion from hedonistic best friend Sean, Leo selects option B and so begins his downfall.