Whether you need a simple business card design or 16 page brochure, you’ve come to the right place! Andrew can handle all of your design requests at a very reasonable price. He also offers a price match system so if you can get the job done cheaper, send the quote to info@andrewmcewan.com and he’ll do his best to match or beat it!

That sounds great but how much is all this going to set me back?

The short answer: It depends on your requirements. Essentially, all prices are subject to the following variables. They should therefore be treated as a guide only. Each job is calculated based on a rate of £20 per hour. For a more comprehensive design quote, you can contact Andrew here.

Variables to consider

  • How much content needs to be integrated into the design?
  • How many sides/pages needed?
  • Do any high-resolution photos need to be taken/sourced or purchased?
  • Do the images supplied need editing?
  • What fonts need to be sourced/purchased?
  • Do any background graphics need to be sourced/created?
  • Do you have any existing brand guidelines?
  • Do you have an existing design templates that only requires content changing?
  • How many changes/revisions will need to be made to the design?
  • Does the design need to be converted into a vector format?

I know that all this might sound somewhat daunting which is why Andrew has put together some guide prices to wrap your head around. What a nice guy!

Guide prices

Double sided flyers
Prices from: £40+

Wedding invites
Prices from: £60+

Single sided posters
Prices from: £40+

Business cards
Prices from: £30+

PVC Loyalty cards
Prices from: £30+

Brochures (pp or “Printed pages” refers to the number of sides)
4pp – Prices from: £80+
8pp – Prices from: £140+
12pp- Prices from: £250+
16pp- Prices from: £450+

Prices from: £20+

For a comprehensive quote on any design based requirements contact with Andrew here.